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Review of PURE records

Higher education research often only represents a portion of an investigators research activity. Unfortunately the default behaviour in the PURE record system is to attribute any new research output or activity to ALL associated organisations. This meant that many research outputs were associated with CHER, but were not about higher education research. For example, at the end of 2018, over 750 research outputs were attributed to CHER, but the majority were not relevant.

This led to a major review of the PURE records associated with CHER in early 2019. We went through the records for over 750 research outputs to identity those that were relevant; down to around 150. We did the same for activities; down from 650 to around 120. After our membership review, we also added some relevant outputs from some new members. This process is still ongoing.

Moving forward, we need help from members to keep the list of outputs and activities in PURE up to date and focused on higher education research topics. We will post some instructions on how to update your PURE records to attribute only relevant outputs to CHER (and to any other centres that you may also be a member of).

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